30 Best Birthday Wishes For Sister

It is not easy to find the right words to say on a birthday. You want the words you say to be special and original. You want them to reflect how much you love and care about your sister.

Below gives some examples of what you can say in a card or text to make it more special.

Happy Birthday Wishes For Sister From Brother or Sister

  1. A big happy birthday to my amazing sister and my best friend through the years.
  2. A sister like you can be compared to a rainbow because you bring so much color to my life. I wish you a happy birthday and a brighter year ahead sister!
  3. A sister shares your birthday and you share hers and that makes everybody happy. Happy Birthday.
  4. All my childhood memories always remind me all the reasons I’m so proud you are my sister. From the bottom of my heart Happy Birthday!
  5. Birthday cake is always good. A sister with a birthday cake is great. Happy Birthday.
  6. Despite all our arguments and all our differences you know that you are one the most beloved persons in my life. Happy Birthday my sister!
  7. Enjoy every minute of your day because it is yours. Reflect on who you are and what you want to become because you can. Celebrate today and love like there is no tomorrow. Happy Birthday to you, Sister!
  8. Every Birthday of yours reminds me the reasons I'm so grateful to call you my sister. I love you for that. Happy Birthday my girl!
  9. Happy Birthday my dear sister! Hope you’re wearing your brightest smile all day long!
  10. Happy Birthday Sister! We make a great pair because the photos of us always look so good!
  11. Happy Birthday to MY wonderful sister! I love you so much and I am so proud of YOU!
  12. I'm so thankful that I not only have a magnificent sister, but an amazing friend that stands by me and supports me, by giving every piece of his heart.
  13. It is difficult to make a greeting and birthday wish for someone so kind, humble, gentle, generous and loving. Mom, you are the best in the whole world. Happy Birthday!
  14. It is wonderful having a sister like you. If I have another chance I will choose to be my sister over and again because no one else can love and care like you do. Happy birthday to you my dearest sister.
  15. My dearest sister, wish you a very warm and happy birthday. You are not only the sweetest sister but also a true friend. I feel blessed to have a sister like you. May you achieve and get, all you ever wish for.
  16. Nobody can give a hug quite like a sister. Thanks for all of the hugs. I hope that I can give you one for your birthday.
  17. On your Birthday, my dear sister, I wish I can go back in time and slap myself every time I hurt you. I Wish you a very Happy Birthday. May god pour all his love and warmth on you.
  18. Sisters help you understand the world better and appreciate it more. Happy Birthday Sis.
  19. Thanks for being a great sister and understanding me, although I have never quite understood you. Happy Birthday.
  20. There are a lot of sisters in the world, but you are without a doubt the best. Happy birthday!
  21. To the person that has always seen me for who I am and loved me anyway. Happy Birthday Sis.
  22. We have shared so so many good things and so many good times together. Happy Birthday Sis!
  23. Wishing you tons of good fortune and happiness in all your life. Happy Birthday, to my sweet sister!
  24. You are such a sweetheart babe! I just love you too much. On your birthday, I promise to keep all your secrets, to flood you with gifts and never to miss a chance to make you smile. Happy Birthday, my dearest sister.
  25. You are the best sister for me. I actually don't have any choice because you are the only sister I have. Happy Birthday Sister!
  26. "Happy birthday to my amazing sister, best friend and partner in crime! I love you so much!"
  27. "I'm so proud of all that we have accomplished together. I know we will do all those things we dreamed about as kids! Hope your day is as good as you deserve. Happy birthday, sis."
  28. "I am so lucky to have a sister like you who always supports me through thick and thin. You are my biggest cheerleader and my best friend."
  29. I can't wait to see you grow up and become the person you were born to be. Happy Birthday!
  30. You're not just my sister; You're my best friend too, I hope your day is as wonderful as you are!

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