50 Funny Happy Birthday Wishes

  1. All kinds of joy while your birthday is here, and all kinds of happiness all throughout the year.
  2. All the things that you are dreaming of may come true, may all your wishes be fulfilled. Happy birthday my best friend!
  3. Always look at the bright side of life even if you are celebrating your birthday today and you are adding up on years. Happy Birthday!
  4. Can’t think of a better time to wish you all the nicest things. Happy Birthday.
  5. Dreams makes wishes come true, so sending you lots of dreams on your birthday.
  6. Eat, drink and make merry because it is your birthday. Happy Birthday.
  7. Every moment of the year has its own beauty; today it's your birthday.
  8. For you on your birthday – may your day be happy and your year full of joy.
  9. Happy birthday to my best friend with whom I have spent my best years together.
  10. Hi pal! Accept my heartiest greetings on this most special day of your life. May all your dreams come true and you get everything that you wish for.
  11. I am glad you were born, because I have enjoyed being around you and getting to know you. Happy Birthday!
  12. I hope you are as happy on your birthday as you make me feel when you are around.
  13. I wish I could give you Birthday bumps but you're growing too heavy with every passing year. So maybe not. But on that note – Happy Birthday!
  14. I wish you much love and much happiness, too, on this special day when your birthday is due.
  15. It is your birthday which brings the special chance of leaving aside all the worry. Now it is the time for pure fun my friend. These words are meant to wish my best friend on his / her happy birthday.
  16. It only took you one day to be born, and I missed it. So I'm wishing you a happy birthmonth. Now you have four weeks to party instead of one day.
  17. It’s your birthday! Wishing you a birthday filled with sunshine and surprise.
  18. Just want you to know, kindest thoughts and best wishes are with you on your special day. Happy Birthday.
  19. Many friends come and goes but only a true friend leaves his/her footprints in our hearts. Happy birthday to my best true friend!
  20. May every day of your life be as joyous as your birthday. Have lots of fun. Happy birthday.
  21. May joy and cheer and laughter fill your birthday and remain with you long after. Happy Birthday.
  22. May laughter and love never leave your side! Enjoy the day and make merry.
  23. May the joy and happiness always be present in your life. You are a great person and so I wish you all the best in this day in which we are celebrating another year of life.
  24. May this day prove to be the best day of the year. Many many happy returns of the day.
  25. May you bloom and prosper like the glorious sun and shine on the world. My dear sun! Here is your friend wishing you a warm and joyful happy birthday.
  26. My best wishes for a furious and voracious day filled with plenty of smile and laughter.
  27. On this special day, I wish you continuous good health, more wealth,love and happiness.Happy Birthday
  28. On your special day, hope you have many pleasant and happy returns of this wonderful day!
  29. Sending the happiest wishes in all the world for your birthday and for always.
  30. The day is bright, the air is light, enjoy through out the night, my friend, I wish you a super hit birthday!
  31. Thinking of you on your birthday and wishing you every happiness.
  32. This Happy Birthday greeting is cordial and sincere and brings the best of wishes to last you all the year.
  33. This Happy Birthday greeting is cordial and sincere. May it bring the best of wishes to last you all the year!
  34. Until you have teeth, I hope you keep smiling. Happy Birthday!
  35. We know you're growing old but you can always be young from the inside. Happy Birthday champ.
  36. Wishing u a day soft as silk... White as milk... Sweet as honey and full of money. May all ur dreams come true... Happy Birthday!
  37. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday and many happy returns of the day.
  38. Wishing you all kinds of wonderful things – not just for your birthday but always.
  39. Wishing you all the things that bring joy and beauty into your world. Happy Birthday.
  40. Wishing you happiness for today, tomorrow and always. Happy Birthday.
  41. Wishing you happiness to your heart’s content and may your dreams all come true. Happy Birthday.
  42. With many good wishes for your birthday, and every day throughout the coming year. Happy Birthday.
  43. You are amazing, wise, super cool, fantastic, brilliant, intelligent – don't get too excited. I'm only saying all these things for you because it's your Birthday today.
  44. You are the best and I just wish you greatness this next year. Of course, you know about that. Happy Birthday!
  45. You deserve everything and more on your birthday and I hope that is exactly what you receive. Happy Birthday!
  46. You only have one chance to wish for the things you love so go, make a wish now that it’s your birthday!
  47. Your birthday is enough reason to go wild and have fun. But be careful that you don’t regret tomorrow the things that you do today. Happy Birthday!
  48. Your birthday is here. Have enough fun to last all year. Happy Birthday.
  49. You're so nice and so thoughtful in so many ways, that your birthday should be the most special of days – may it bring sunny hours too nice to forget, and start off a year that's your happiest yet.
  50. You've survived for another 365 days, Even though you’re older, it is better than the alternative. Happy birthday and congratulations!

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